BBC – 500 Words

This film was created to promote the BBC Radio 2 500 Words project, a children’s writing competition.

It’s a fast-paced mix of live action and animation, with advice and opinions from Dame Jacqueline Wilson, Tulisa, Conor Maynard, Helen Skelton, Wretch 32, Harry Judd and Chris Evans himself.

It was produced by Darren Emerson at Us3 Productions and animated by the very talented Kate Anderson and Matt Abbiss.


Parakeet – Darumasanga

Here’s our second video for Parakeet. We shot it guerrilla style, taking on camera duties ourselves, and stars Jamie Broadbridge & Lashkar Chauhan as two teenage hoodies.

We see them drawing crude pictures all over the city. But is this just petty vandalism, or the way the two have chosen to express their feelings for one another?

Check it out!


Sound of Guns – Antartica

Ian’s video for Sound of Guns is now online! It’s a disturbing drama about a young couple trapped in an abusive relationship.

Featuring great performances from Laura Sibbick and Dan Burman, and brilliantly shot by DOP Flemming Jetmar it was filmed in a variety of locations across East London.

Parakeet – Tomorrow

Our video for Parakeet’s debut single has been launched online.

Yuck bassist (and previous Babanuki collaborator) Mariko Doi has paired up with The History of Apple Pie’s James Thomas, and both remain admirably cool as we blast them with smoke from all directions.

Occupy LSX – Day 2

A film documenting the early beginnings of Occupy LSX.

The focus is Day 2, the first morning of the camp outside St Paul’s cathedral. The protesters, uncertain how long the camp will last, begin to make steps to stay indefinitely.


Good news! Headbanger has won the best CINEMATOGRAPHY award at the Bornshorts film festival.

Headbanger is a short film created for London’s 2011 Square Art exhibition. Music by Gyorgy Ligeti & Part Chimp.

Mt Desolation – Departure

Departure is Mt Desolation’s first release from from their debut album. The band’s line-up includes members of Keane, Noah & The Whale, The Killers, The Long Winters, The Staves and Mumford & Sons.

The artists recorded themselves on webcams or personal video cameras and were brought together through the polaroid concept of the video.

Bornshorts – Bug

This feature presentation was created for Bornshorts. We got to shoot several scenes for an old school cop film with a strange, non-human suspect on the loose.

Laura Marling – Cross Your Fingers

We shot, edited and then re-photographed the edit on a rostrum setup to give a distinctive look to the promo. Using almost 2000 sheets of A4 paper, we very nearly brought the rented HP Color Laserjet to its knees.

Laura Marling – New Romantic

Having done some filming with Laura Marling during the recording of her debut album, we were invited to make a video for the 2007 EP New Romantic. It’s since had a staggering number of views on youtube – over 3 million the last time we checked.

Our main aim was to capture the mixture of attitude and vulnerability in her vocals. The shadows were created via a mixture of old school lighting and post production work. Hopefully you can’t tell which is which.